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Stroke your imagination.

We believe that by aligning the body’s built in reward system with making art, creativity becomes a pleasure activity with an internalized incentive.

We call this the Pleasure Principal. That's why we created virtuOso, a vibrator that rewards you for creativity, charged when you make art.


Habit-forming toward better creative health is hard to do, even for innately-creative people; "creating successfully” is a paralyzing goal, especially as we externalize our reward systems (recognition, hire, engagement, change) and correlate “successful art-making” with a finalized object that is “valued as art” which can be traded.


We want to make creativity a deeply intimate investment with self-motivated incentives. By tuning erotic reward toward art-making, we can recursively elevate both art and pleasure toward the virtue of bringing more imagination into the world, and honor the sexual response system for its purpose of creation. Breed ideas, not/and babies! 

Our core values:

Every Body. Destigmatization: sexuality ≠ obscenity, pleasure is a universal right. Education/evolution. Art is mandatory for humankind!

Who are we?

Pleasure Principal is a project created by Gabriella Garcia (concept/design/website/video) in collaboration with Arnab Chakravarty (fabricator). Virtuoso drawing app prototype built on code initially developed by Darshan Rajadhyaksa. BTS project documentation here

Thank you:

Ronen V (muse)

Joey Lee (professor: Quantified Humanists)


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